Monday, December 28, 2009

Third Brahmo Conference at Allahabad (United Provinces)

The 3rd Brahmo Conference was held at Allahabad in December 1888 on the occasion of the session of the Indian National Congress. The presence of a large number of representative Brahmo gentlemen from various parts of the country at Allahabad  was taken advantage of, and the 3rd Brahmo Conference was then organised. Over a hundred Brahmo gentlemen and some visitors attended the meeting, which was held in the Colonelganj School premises ; and the local members, though few, arranged with the help of Pandit Nobin Chunder Roy of Lahore to hold the conference and to give an entertainment to the assembled friends. After divine service conducted by Pandit Lachman Prasad, the Hon'ble Mr. M. G. Ranade was voted to the chair. Besides the chairman, the Hon'ble Mr. A.M. Bose, Mrs. A. M. Bose, Babu Bipinbehari Bose of Lucknow, Mr. Baldeonarain of Behar, Pandit S. N. Agnihotri of Lahore and a few others spoke each on the work of the Brahmo Samaj in his Province. It was resolved that a Conference might be held every year in the place where the Indian National Congress happened to hold its session. Pandit Shib Nath.Shastri of the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj was elected Secretary for the next year.

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