Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brahmo principles from the 1830 Trust Deed

The Trust Deed for the Chitpur Brahmo Sabha was duly executed on the 8th of January 1830 by 5 "great men" in the Brahmo pantheon. First named among them being Dwarkanath Tagore whose munificence enabled the premises to be purchased. It is a precise legal deed, drafted with great care on the eve of Rammohun Roy's departure for England. It is pertinent that every significant "party of the first part" to the Deed was a "Propertied" sacerdotal Brahmin of the highest "degree" reputed for knowledge of Law and Religion.

At the time of its execution, this small band of reformers were locked in a dangerous (and oftentimes life threatening) struggle in Bengal against the Trinitarian occultic forces - a) obscurantist Trinitarian Hinduism/Brahminism, b) Trinitarian Christianity c) Trinitarian Masonic / Luciferian "Lodges" (incl. secret societies masquerading as Unitarian and Scottish Freethinkers). It is pertinent that the parties to the Deed carefully and with deliberation took their collective personal experience of these aforesaid opposing forces  into consideration while drawing up the Deed to protect and innoculate their heirs and successors.

As the Deed evidences, Brahmoism repudiates entirely the (occultic) doctrines and principles of each of our 3 great historical opponents, which confront us today in new garbs and variations - the fake Magicians and charlatans like SaiBabas,  the Guru / Baba cults like the Ramdevs, the Ravi Shankars,  Swami Narayans etc, and the new Hindu Masonic bodies such as the Ramakrishna Mission.. The first step for every True Brahmo is to know who "the enemy" is. The host of foes who incessantly confuse our minds with their false messages and corruptly distort our principles  Know your friends but know your enemies better, To do this we must study them by the "Light" of our Trust Deed which causes our Fearful Enemy to reveal himself.

The Trust deed was settled for us publicly (not secretly) as a legal document to declare that "Law, Property and Religion" are not dead. These 3 (Law Property Religion) are "revealed" as the "3 Assassins" in the 33rd degree of the infamous Scottish Rite of FreeMasons. To quote a well known (and often assailed) comment from 1888 on this  "Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property."

Parting kick: Why does the Brahmo Samaj (of 1830) figure in lists like this?
Answer: Because our pulpits are still used to preach the blasphemies of our foes.


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